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Security Camera Installation NY

For over 15 years, Fire, Security & Sound has been a trusted security camera installation partner for businesses across New York. 

We don't simply install commercial CCTV systems; we design and implement a comprehensive system tailored to your specific needs, enhancing your operations' safety and efficiency. Whether you own a local store, a chain of stores or manage a sprawling industrial facility, we offer turnkey solutions that deliver unmatched surveillance, confidence, and peace of mind.

Our expert team will help you select the correct camera and lens setup as well as the best location to ensure optimal surveillance. We also consider factors like resolution, field of view, and storage capacity, ensuring your system is functional and flawlessly optimized. Our commitment extends beyond the initial installation, constantly evolving with the latest advancements in high-definition video and advanced motion detection. Call us today or continue down to learn more about the solutions you need

Latham, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1429475

New Windsor, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1534044

Why Our Security Camera Installations Stand Out

In an era where business security is paramount, our Commercial CCTV and camera installation services throughout upstate NY, distinguish themselves through a blend of specialized focus, professional expertise, and bespoke solutions tailored to the unique demands of commercial enterprises.


Our services are uniquely tailored for commercial enterprises. We understand that businesses require specialized attention and solutions. This exclusive focus on retail clients means we're finely tuned to the nuances and demands of business security.


We're not just another CCTV provider; our team comprises licensed professionals with a deep understanding of commercial CCTV systems. This expertise ensures that every installation meets the highest quality and compliance standards. 

Tailored CCTV Systems

We specialize in crafting customized CCTV solutions that align with your specific requirements. Whether you need a digital or analog system, prefer IP, HDSDI, or TVI technologies, or require cloud-based or local HDD storage, we have the expertise to deliver. 


We strive to understand the unique challenges and opportunities your business faces. This approach allows us to meet and exceed your commercial security expectations. We're dedicated to providing solutions that protect your assets and and personnel.


Comprehensive Security Camera Systems

In the realm of commercial security, a CCTV system's effectiveness hinges on three key pillars: seamless integration, adaptability to your specific needs, and adherence to industry-standard regulations. We proudly offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Advanced DVR Solutions, Professional Cabling and Wiring, Integrated Security Systems, and more, representing the cutting edge of modern surveillance technology.

Security Room

Reliable And Advanced DVR Solutions 

DVR systems are the backbone of commercial surveillance systems. We partner with leading brands that offer cutting-edge solutions for maximum efficiency.


  • Unwavering reliability: Enjoy years of uninterrupted operation with durable hardware and robust software.

  • Cutting-edge features: Leverage advanced analytics, high-definition recording, and intelligent search capabilities.

  • Scalability and adaptability: We deliver a system that scales with your business and effortlessly adapts to evolving security requirements.

  • Seamless integration: Integrate your DVR with various systems and software for centralized control and monitoring.

  • User-friendly interfaces: Manage your surveillance system with ease through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Secure storage options: Choose between cloud and on-premises solutions to ensure data integrity and accessibility.

Precision Cabling and Wiring Professionally Installed:

We know perfect surveillance starts with the perfect foundation. That's why our experts meticulously install industry-standard cables, ensuring your security camera system provides crystal-clear video, uninterrupted data transmission, and unwavering power supply.

With our expertise, you get:

  • Optimal performance: The right cables for your specific needs are installed precisely.

  • Uninterrupted data: Reliable data flow for clear video footage and effective monitoring.

  • Minimal downtime: Reduced maintenance requirements and a system that operates flawlessly.

  • Future-proofed network: A foundation that adapts to your evolving security camera installation needs.

Copy of Close up teInstallation-Of-Cable-for-CCTV-System.jpg

Integrated Security Solutions for Complete Safety

In today's demanding environment, more than just CCTV is required. We offer comprehensive solutions beyond traditional surveillance, uniting CCTV with other vital components like access controlfire systems and more.

Our approach creates a unified defense network with:

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Seamlessly integrated systems provide a complete picture of your landscape vulnerabilities, enabling informed and rapid response to any incident.

  • Simplified Management: Monitor and manage all aspects of your security camera system from a single point, streamlining operations and saving you time.

  • Amplified Effectiveness: Synergy between individual systems creates a robust defense network far more potent than the sum of its parts.

  • Tailored Solutions: We design integrated systems that meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

We Are Your Licensed CCTV Partner in New York

Legal compliance isn't just a formality; it's your assurance of expertise and reliability. New York's stringent regulations demand up-to-date knowledge of security camera technologies, installation techniques, and legal requirements. Our team meets these demands head-on, ensuring every CCTV system we install is:

  • Technically sound: We use the latest technologies and installation techniques to deliver robust and reliable surveillance solutions.

  • Legally compliant: We adhere to all New York State regulations, ensuring your system meets the highest standards.

Choosing a licensed installer like FS&S means you get:

  • Professional excellence

  • Safeguarding your assets

  • Peace of mind



In the world of commercial security, choosing the right camera is crucial. Here's a breakdown of the different types, each with its own advantages for specific applications.

The Design, Engineering, and Installation Process:
Crafting Customized CCTV Solutions

Tailored Solutions: From Design to Ongoing Support
Our meticulous process ensures that every aspect of your system, from design to ongoing support, exceeds your expectations Fiire, Security and Sound has been serving your neighbors in the upstate NY area for over 15 years.

Here's how we do it:
1. Initial Consultation and Site Assessment:
We listen to your concerns and understand your business operations and physical layout.
This step helps identify potential vulnerabilities and determine optimal camera placement.


2. Customized System Design:
Our experienced design team creates a bespoke system with suitable cameras, recording equipment, and features.
Whether you need high-definition or robust PTZ cameras, we customize them based on your environment.


3. Engineering and Technical Planning:
We meticulously plan the system's layout for optimal coverage and functionality.
This includes security camera angles, lighting conditions, and network infrastructure for seamless integration.


4. Professional Installation:
Skilled technicians carefully install every security camera, cable, and equipment, minimizing disruption to your operations.


5. System Configuration and Testing:
We configure and test the entire system, ensuring every camera is focused, recording equipment functions as intended, and remote access is enabled.


6. Training and Support:
We provide comprehensive training on using your system, managing footage, and understanding its features.
Our ongoing support guarantees expert assistance whenever needed.

With FS&S, you get:
A top-notch CCTV system: Tailored to your specific security needs and exceeding industry standards.
Expert guidance: Our team ensures that every step is handled carefully from design to installation.
Peace of mind: Knowing your commercial space is protected by a reliable and effective security system.
Ongoing support: We're always here to help, ensuring you maximize the effectiveness of your investment.
Choose Fire, Security & Sound for your next CCTV system and experience the difference.

Elevate Your Security with Tailored CCTV Solutions

Reach out to us today to explore how we can enhance your security measures. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to design a CCTV solution that perfectly aligns with your specific needs. 

Fire , Security and Sound Provide Commercial Sound Systems in and around the following areas including all of Vermont.

Albany County NY
Colonie NY
Clinton County  NY

Columbia County NY

Hudson NY
Delaware County NY

Delhi NY
Dutchess County NY

Poughkeepsie NY

Essex County  NY
Elizabethtown NY
Franklin County NY

Malone NY
Fulton County NY

Gloversville NY
Greene County NY

Catskill NY
Hamilton County  NY

Lake Pleasant NY

Herkimer County NY
Little Falls NY
Montgomery County  NY

Amsterdam NY
Orange County NY

Newburgh NY
Otsego County  NY

Oneonta  NY
Putnam County  
Carmel  NY

Rensselaer County   NY
Troy  NY
Rockland County  
New City  NY
Saint Lawrence County  
Ogdensburg  NY
Saratoga County  
Saratoga Springs  NY
Schenectady County  
Niskayuna  NY

Schoharie County   NY
Cobleskill  NY
Sullivan County  NY

Monticell  NY
Ulster County   NY 

Kingston  NY
Warren County  NY  

Glens Falls  NY
Washington County  NY

Hudson Falls   NY
Westchester County  NY

Yonkers  NY

"I recently had a CCTV system installed at my retail store in Rochester, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was knowledgeable, professional, and took the time to understand my specific security needs. The installation was seamless, and the quality of the cameras is top-notch. I now have peace of mind knowing my store is well-protected."

- John H. from Rochester, NY

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