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24/7 Emergency Services: Commercial Security And Fire Systems
Non Life-Threatening Situations

Please note:

For immediate life or structural emergencies, call 911. Fire, Sound & Security Inc. addresses urgent security and fire system needs, but we cannot replace emergency services. We focus on rapidly restoring and maintaining your systems once the initial emergency has been addressed. Call  (518) 250-4364 for immediate service.

Latham, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1429475

New Windsor, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1534044

Ensuring Uninterrupted Safety and Security

In the fast-paced world of business, security emergencies require immediate and expert attention. Fire, Sound & Security Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of emergency services for all aspects of your commercial security system, ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption.

Access Control:

Stuck In or Out? Here's how we help:

  • Lockout/Lock-in: Our team is on call to quickly get you back on track, using advanced tools and expertise to unlock doors and restore access safely.

  • System Freezes and Malfunctions: We diagnose the problem and fix it fast, whether it's a freeze, malfunction, or a glitch. We'll also reset or reconfigure your system to prevent future issues.

  • Emergency System Upgrades: We'll assess if your system needs an upgrade to prevent similar incidents. We offer the latest technology for the most reliable and secure access control possible.

CCTV and Security Cameras:

Uninterrupted Security Cameras with Expert Response:

  • Immediate response: Minimizing downtime with quick diagnosis and resolution.

  • Expert repairs: Restoring full functionality for continuous monitoring.

  • Damage assessment and repair: Addressing camera damage caused by accidents, vandalism, or the environment.

  • Data retrieval and backup: Safeguarding footage and implementing backup solutions.

  • System upgrades: Enhancing resilience and functionality with cutting-edge technology.

Fire Systems & Suppression 

System Failures or Malfunctions

  • Immediate Response: Our team arrives quickly to assess the issue and determine the cause of the failure.

  • Restoration of Functionality: We prioritize repairing or replacing faulty components to restore full system functionality.

  • Preventative Measures: We identify and address potential issues to prevent future occurrences.

Leaks and Accidental Activations

  • Leak Detection and Repair: We locate the source of the leak and implement effective repairs to prevent further damage.

  • Accidental Activation Response: We quickly address accidental activations to minimize water damage and reset the system.

  • System Integrity Check: We ensure all components are functioning correctly and free from leaks after any incident.

Compliance and Safety Checks Post-incident

  • Compliance Verification: We verify your system adheres to all fire safety regulations and standards.

  • Comprehensive Testing: We perform rigorous testing to confirm the system's safety and readiness for future emergencies.

  • Documentation and Reporting: We provide detailed reports and documentation of all emergency services rendered.

Alarm System Failures

Emergency Response: When Your Security System Needs a Hero
​       Access Denial or Lockout Issues

  • Rapid Resolution: We'll resolve access control issues promptly, reinstating proper access controls for authorized individuals.
    Surveillance Camera Downtime

  • Fast Diagnostics and Repairs: We'll quickly diagnose and fix your CCTV or surveillance camera issues, restoring continuous monitoring.
    System Integration Failures

  • Expert Correction: We'll rectify communication and synchronization issues between your integrated security systems, ensuring seamless operation.

  • Immediate Response: We prioritize your needs and arrive quickly to resolve the issue.

  • Expert Technicians: Our highly trained and experienced team possesses in-depth Fire and Security Alarm Systems knowledge.

  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a full range of solutions for any fire and Security Alarm Systems emergency.

  • State-of-the-art technology: We utilize the latest advancements to ensure optimal system performance.

  • 24/7 Availability: We're always available to respond to your emergency needs.

  • Don't let an emergency compromise your security. Contact Fire, Sound & Security Inc. today for fast and professional resolution. (518) 250-4364

Emergency Services For Fire and Security Systems Coverage Area
Fire, Security and Sound Provide Emergency Commercial Security and Fire Systems in and around the following areas including all of Vermont.
Albany County NY
 Colonie NY
Clinton County  NY

Columbia County NY

Hudson NY
Delaware County NY

Delhi NY
Dutchess County NY

Poughkeepsie NY
Essex County  NY
Elizabethtown NY
Franklin County NY

Malone NY
Fulton County NY

Gloversville NY
Greene County NY

Catskill NY
Hamilton County  NY

Lake Pleasant NY
Herkimer County NY
Little Falls NY
Montgomery County  NY

Amsterdam NY
Orange County NY

Newburgh NY
Otsego County  NY

Oneonta  NY
Putnam County  
Carmel  NY
Rensselaer County   NY
Troy  NY
Rockland County  
New City  NY
Saint Lawrence County  
Ogdensburg  NY
Saratoga County  
Saratoga Springs  NY
Schenectady County  
Niskayuna  NY
Schoharie County   NY
 Cobleskill  NY
Sullivan County  
Monticell  NY
Ulster County   
Kingston  NY
Warren County  
Glens Falls  NY
Washington County  
Hudson Falls   NY
Westchester County  
Yonkers  NY
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