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Welcome to Fire, Security And Sound.

At Fire, Security & Sound Systems, Inc., our mission goes beyond mere technology. We're driven by a deeper calling: safeguarding lives, protecting dreams, and nurturing peace of mind.

Every service we offer, from fire alarm systems to sophisticated security monitoring, contributes to a single vision: a world where safety and security are woven into the fabric of our communities, businesses, and families. We understand that what we protect isn't just property or assets; it's the essence of what makes your life flourish.

Our expertise, honed over 15 years, extends beyond technical proficiency. It's rooted in empathy and understanding - recognizing the human element in every situation. This is why we do what we do. It's not just about installing systems; it's about instilling a sense of security and resilience. Whether it's swiftly responding to an emergency, deterring potential threats, or simply providing the comfort of clear communication, our goal is to empower you! We want you to focus on what matters most, knowing that your safety and security are our unwavering priority.

Latham, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1429475

New Windsor, NY Security and Fire Systems License #1534044


Our Journey: 

Mission and Values:

Our Team: 

Certifications and Affiliations:

Since our inception in 2008 in Latham, NY, FS&S has evolved into a leading force in electronic systems integration. Our expansion to New Windsor and beyond reflects our commitment to innovative, client-focused solutions.

Our mission is to deliver top-tier, innovative safety and security solutions. Integrity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction are our guiding principles, ensuring every project meets our high standards.

The FS&S team is our greatest asset, comprising industry veterans dedicated to cutting-edge solutions. Our collective expertise ensures we remain at the forefront of technology and best practices.

Our industry certifications and affiliations underscore our commitment to excellence. These recognitions validate our expertise and dedication to delivering trustworthy, high-quality services.


Latham NY

4 Avis Drive, Suite 110
Latham, NY 12110
518 250-4364

New Windsor NY

33 Airport Center Drive, Suite 106
New Windsor, NY 12553
845 245-6100



At Fire, Security & Sound Systems, Inc., we bring a wealth of experience to every stage of your security and safety system solutions. When you work with us, rest assured that you're in experienced hands from start to finish. We're committed to transforming your vision into a secure, functional reality without the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.



Our process begins with understanding your needs. Before we draft any plans or make any recommendations, we sit down and listen to you. We want to hear about your expectations, for your public safety systems.



Armed with insights from our initial discussions, our design team goes to work. We aim to create a system that not only aligns with your safety and security needs but also fits your budget. Our designs will seamlessly integrate into your daily life.



Following the design phase, our installation team takes the lead, guided by the comprehensive plan developed by our engineers. This detailed blueprint is crucial, as it ensures that every installation step is executed with precision.

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